Polina Zinovieva

Portrait of the artist.

Olga Zinovieva

Polina Zinovieva was born in Moscow in the family of eminent Russian thinker and scientist Alexander Zinoviev. She was forced into exile together with her parents and emigrated to FRG.

Polina studied English philology at Munich University and simultaneously worked as stage designer at the Munich State Gaertnerplatz opera, and at the Augsburg Municipal theatre, Germany. She took part in numerous art festivals and presented her works in exhibition halls throughout Europe and Russia. Her magic and sensual realms of music mythology – the world of Wagner, Verdi, Carl Orff – are populated by charms and fairies that were burst out by a powerful stream onto the vast plains of the world art of the 19th -20th centuries.

Theatre, music and literature are the pillars of the artist’s sensitive and discerning culture. Polina is a person with immaculate taste in all her creative dimensions. Below is just an incomplete list of her creative span:

Exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Munich, Moscow; stage designs at the Municipal theatre in Augsburg, Germany; cover design for Alexander Zinoviev’s books in European publishing houses («Diogenes», «L’Age d’Homme”); gorgeous  video-clips for the Internet “History of Opera” series; thrilling children’s books; a bold concept and design for the future multimedia museum of “ZINOTHEKA”; art design for the concert programs of Dmitri Kitaenko and Xenia Zinovieva and for the Oleg Kogan festival; a great number of print media featuring international innovation projects; one of the masterminds and organizers of the International conferences “Zinoviev readings” established in 2007.